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Welcome 2020 – A start of the decade

Woaaah!!! Happy New Year people and if you haven’t noticed it yet, we have entered a whole new decade today. The date is 1st January, 2020.

Guys, the year is new, new challenges are waiting for taking on you, but remember one thing that there is no challenge as impossible or challenging than you, yourself.

New year is sure to bring a new set of problems, new set of people, may be new habits for some people, new resolutions for sure, and a lot of happiness amidst all of this. Do comment down your resolutions, plans, and anything new that comes to your mind after reading this.

Being said that here are a few things that I have planned for myself in the year 2020.


Perfect or ideal is something that is impossible to achieve. That does not mean, you stop pursuing perfection. One thing I have understood through my last few years of experience, and that is, to always aim and reach for the stars. The phrase very clearly says that reaching for the top should be the aim, if you fail at it you will surely reach the top of the world. Hence, my aim for the year is to reach perfection in whatever I do. If I am able to achieve this, there is nothing like this.

Grow my Channels

Internet is the new normal and without it, life seems to be incomplete. If you have been in a train or flight alone for a few hours without any music or video you know exactly how restless you become. Being a content writer, online presence is like bread and butter to me. Hence, I have tried to convert my love for food to a social media channel. Apart from this blog, I own a food blog named foodoshooot on Instagram. I, along with my partner, are running this channel with more than 2700 followers. If you are just as foodie as we are, follow us for a delicious feed of food photographs.

Keep Relationships Intact

We are in a technologically evolving world and making a mark that will last in the society is everyone’s aim. Though there is nothing wrong in that, some people forget that there are many other aspects of life which sometimes require more attention. Our relationships. Be it your friends, girlfriend, and most importantly your family, make sure you give them enough time and keep the connection on. This year, my focus is going to be the same. I am going to make sure that all these relationships are rightly taken care of and be there for them whenever they need me the most.

Become a Reader

As a writer, understanding new writing styles, reading more and more to grow my vocab and understanding of a subject is of utmost importance. It improves my knowledge, reading skills, and makes me understand the flaws in my content pieces. Reading helps me solve the most of it. But, reading a good book, or a blog online is not only important for a writer but also for others. You can read a research paper, a blog about what and what not is going on in your domain, read expert’s interview. Apart from all this, it helps you in utilizing time constructively than wasting it on something irrelevant. Plus, it improves the knowledge base.

Be Happy

Most importantly, be happy. happiness comes from the little things of life. If you don’t believe me go back in time and think about it. The biggest smile will always be associated with the little things of your life. Be it a childhood memory or a moment with college friends, each of them brings a satisfying smile on your face.

And, before I leave you with that thought I would like to wish you a very happy 2020. May this year bring happiness, prosperity, and more and more success to each and every one reading and visiting the blog. This is a big space and it is for all of you. You can read restaurant reviews, beautiful poems and stories, and a lot more coming to you.

So, follow our blog and send us your requests, comments, and feedback at [email protected]

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