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Web Series Review – Little Things

We all want a stable and beautiful relationship, and are ready to make sacrifices/compromises to achieve that. There are just so many moments that we create in a minute that it becomes difficult to not make them a part of our lives. However, sometimes due to personality mismatch or different perspectives, we tend to have a tough time with our partners.

Little Things is just about everything you expect from a relationship, and everything you do to make the relationship as awesome as possible. It has almost every conflict covered that any relationship goes through. You will be able to relate your love life with Kavya and Dhruv.

The phases of a relationship might not be the same for everyone, but they are somewhere similar. If you feel that whatever we spoke so far is relatable, you should watch Little Things on Netflix.

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Little Things is a story about a couple, Kavya Kulkarni (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv Vats (Dhruv Sehgal). The series revolves around Kavya and Dhruv who belong to two different cultures, states, and also their likes and dislikes. They both are in a live-in relationship and we see their day-to-day lives from the eyes of the couple.

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The series is a very close depiction of a couple staying together in a fast-paced city, Mumbai. This couple is trying to figure out a balance between relationship and career. Kavya is responsible and very serious about her work and career, while Dhruv is carefree and has a different perspective towards life.

It is a really interesting tale of love that shows the problems faced by most relationships. If you like something very new, yet something relatable, you must watch Little Things for sure.

Around 3 seasons are already out on Netflix, and you can binge-watch on it this weekend.
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Although, Kavya and Dhruv are the central character of the series, the supporting cast has done an amazing job in the series. Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar have surely done a heart-stealing job, so much that they really start to feel like a perfect couple, after a while.

The other cast Loveleen Mishra (Dhruv’s mother), Vikram Kochar (Dhruv’s friend), Navni Parihar (Kavya’s mother), Rishi Deshpande (Kavya’s father) have portrayed their characters well. They have their own lifestyles and these people have done a commendable job in the series too.
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The character development is very much balanced and you could actually see them evolving. The conflicts and the overall fun element of the show do not take away the show’s essence. It is a well-balanced, well-portrayed, and perfect series to watch over the weekend.

Little Things-Season 4 is rumoured to release in November 2020. Although, there is no official announcement yet, the series will surely have a sequel coming in this or the next year.

It is more than a year that the series has been released, but if you haven’t watched it yet, we would recommend you to binge-watch on it on the weekend.

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