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The Office – A Perfect Paper Company Mockumentary

Imagine your regular day at work where you go in and meet several people with individual goals coming from different walks of life. Every office has a manager, a guy/girl who acts like an assistant regional manager, and a bunch of others who are funny. Some of them are disciplined, over-critical and some of them are involved in office romance. If you are able to recollect every such person, you are probably thinking of The Office. No, not your office! But ‘The Office’ TV series.

Yes, we are talking about Michael Scott and his little gang making rounds for all the good reasons. The Office is an web series that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. Steve Carell plays a big role in the show and so do other staff members. So, let us help you understand these people and how everything works around in, “The Office”.

The Office — Plot

The Office is simply a representation of a small paper company called Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton. The whole idea is to put across a typical working day of sales staff of this company and a camera crew recording their day-to-day affairs.

Everything seems close, real, and relatable and it all seems to be true. This small Scranton branch is looked over by Michael Scott who heads a team of talented sales people: Jim Halpert, Dwight Shrute, Stanley, Phyllis, and others. The team is super-confident and they are seen doing everything any employee does in a real office.

The Office – Poster

The Office — Cast

When you are doing something like The Office, an excellent cast in place plays a huge role to make your web series count. Starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fishcer and Rainn Wilson throughout the show, there is a whole ensemble of cast who are seen doing different things in different episodes.

Mindy Kaling is seen in the play as an Indian girl abroad who knows her skill of talking well and uses it for customer service. Not only that, she is also seen being a mean to many people around the office. She plays the role of Kelly Kapoor who is also seen in many other TV shows. She plays her part very well.

Steve Carell seems to try hard in the first episode but just does not picks the pace with Michael Scott. However, as the web series progresses he is seen doing better and better. His role is just like any other boss in many offices. He thinks he is one of the most funny, successful and wise boss his team could ever get. He loves his team, acts mean with them, but makes sure that he wins at the end.

Rainn Wilson plays Dwight Shrute who is a complete kiss-ass. He plays this role so well, that there might not be even one other actor who could do justice to the role. However, he has a very different personality outside office. He is a beet farm owner. He has a whole list of ancestors and always speaking about how tough he is and knows a lot of martial art forms. Not only that, he is also someone who wants people to work in work time. Remember that kiss-ass from your office? Yeah, he is Dwight Schrute.

John Krasinski plays Jim Halpert. He is the smart-looking guy in the office, who is concerned with his own work and hardly interacts with anyone. He has a little crush on the office receptionist, Pam Beesley, but realizes that there might not be a future since she is engaged. Again, he has a different relationship with Dwight Schrute. Being desk partners, Dwight troubles Jim with his little annoying habits which makes Jim play pranks on him to teach him a lesson. These pranks are spread across the show and those are pretty hilarious.

Dwight Schrute (Credits)

Pam Beesley plays office receptionist who takes care of everything Michael Scott needs. She also makes sure Michael does not do anything stupid and helps him in his stupid endeavors in some cases.

If we keep introducing the cast, we would never be able to finish this review. As we said, every episode is related to some or the other cast in the show and it is only good if we know the main characters out there and start researching a bit more. Do let us know in the comments below if you want to know more about the cast.

The Office — TV Series Review

Everything about The Office seems to be fascinating at first but we realize that it is not different than other offices. There are people who engage in gossips, rumors, family functions and personal problems. Kiss-ass employees and a stupid boss who always feels he is right and wants everything done as per him. One employee who believes in making a future outside Dunder-Mifflin and another who does not give a shit about what company is doing, but cares only about his own job and salary.

The cast of the show stands out and they have been the chosen one for the show. No doubt that the ensemble cast put together work well in synergy with each other to make everything worth it. You cannot ignore any character in the show and it all adds up by the end of every episode. They are a team and they act like one. Humor is at another level and there are various places where you might feel that you have done something like this.

The camera crew who is recording all the events have done a great job interviewing employees based on the hidden information that they have. Performances. direction, storytelling and editing is just next-to-perfect. The dialogue writers deserve a special mention for making the show humorous at a different level.

So, what do you think? Was the Office a right representation of the things that happen around you. Is Michael Scott the boss you report to on daily basis, but never knew it could be this funny. Do you also enjoy office gossips, rumors and make it all sound like you don’t know anything about it?

If all this seems true and relatable, we recommend you to watch this American TV series, The Office.

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