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The Hungry Rabbit — Homemade Twist

There is a Irish proverb that goes like, Laughter is brightest where food is best.

Isn’t that true? Go back in time, and think about the best times you had with your friends. I am sure, the first memory would be the time spent with your friends in college canteen, or a small cafe. It could also be a dinner or lunch party. Pick up the best one and there will always be food involved in it.

So, we decided to find the places that not only serve scrumptious food, but also give you an experience to cherish. One such beautiful place is The Hungry Rabbit.

The place is full of fun games, nicely painted interiors, and good food.

So, let’s dive in the detailed review of the place!


The Hungry Rabbit is located in the area full of hustle and bustle. Located on the Malad Link Road, this place might go unnoticed to some, but the unique logo of a rabbit does not. There is a logic behind the name.

Rabbits are a big fan of hay, fresh fruits, and vegetables. That precisely means, it is a vegetarian animal. The place does not serve non-vegetarian food and hence, the name.


If you are a fan of posh ambiance and dim lights, you wont like this place. Because, this place is about simplicity and perfect food. The walls of the cafe are painted imperfectly perfect that gives you a very natural feel.

The look and feel of the place, like we said is simple. There are some tables that have Ludo and chess boards painted on it. You can enjoy the games directly with the food. A rack that holds a few interesting books for reading enthusiasts and some board games.

Everything about the ambiance is simple and yet so pretty that it complements the whole vision of the cafe—simple and cute.

Food and Drinks

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about the food, I am sure most of you are waiting for this. So what are we waiting for—here we go.

Peri Peri Fries

First of all, we loved the fries. But that is not the only thing we loved. We were amazed by the fact that the Peri Peri used in this fries was completely homemade. Not only that, but all the recipes on the menu card are developed by the owner himself, which is very much impressive.

Mexican Burrito Bowl

Mexican …. It was a perfect meal. Scrumptious and filling meal, this burrito bowl was a treat for us. We enjoyed the taste. The most important part about this was the serving and presentation. It consists of nachos, fries, corn, white sauce, salsa, rice, beans and everything that makes this one a delicious meal.

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich

Now, our favorite one. The Chocolate Cheese Sandwich. Nutella all over the bread and cheese in between tasted amazing together. This one is sure to get heavy so you can consider to have this on your cheat day. Cadbury Gems on the top of the Sandwich gives it a crispy twist while you are enjoying every bite of the sandwich. The bread and the cheese subtly balances out the sweetness, giving it the desired taste.

Green Lemonade and Shine Berries

After a long and tiring yet memorable day, when you want to start off with something refreshing, try out the Green Lemonade. It is a yummy fusion of Khus syrup, lemon juice, and Sprite. It does wonders when it comes to rejuvenate your energy. Delicious and refreshing, this lemonade works the best for a refreshing start.

Sweet and yummy, this one did its job just as it was supposed to do it. Berries are sweet and full of nutrients. It is a fusion of all berries like cranberry, strawberry, blackberry and many more. Sprite adds the needed fizz to the sweetness and makes it a drink to cherish.

The best part about the drinks was that they weren’t loaded with ice cubes. Hence, your drink stays and tastes the same till the end and isn’t diluted as the ice melts.


Though the whole review sounds like a goodie goodie, we think there is nothing called as perfection. This place is a win-win for all of you because it serves amazing Italian and Mexican food, with self-developed recipes. Here is what we suggest to make it even more interesting and enjoyable for the foodies:

  1. The Peri Peri was perfect but it could have been a little more spicy as compared to what we had. We have had a lot of peri peri fries so far and this one stood out because it not only had the homemade touch but also was a original of The Hungry Rabbit.
  2. Overall, ambiance was also great. But, there is some work needed on the exterior part to increase visibility. We did have a word about this with the owner and he is already planning to work that out.
  3. We would have loved it if they had some more books for the readers, since the choice remains limited. We are sure the management is also working on that aspect.

Rating Card

This is our final take on the place. We loved the place and the ratings are purely based on our experience, likes, and the look-and-feel of this place.

  1. Food: 4.3/5
  2. Service: 4.5/5
  3. Presentation: 4.7/5
  4. Hygiene: 5/5
  5. Ambiance: 4.7/5

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