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The Conversation

Sitting on the window,
Enjoying the cup of coffee,
The rains come down for accompanying
And you find yourself falling.

Falling in the hands of nature,
Waiting for the answers you never found,
Waiting for the peace in that moment
and the joy of being yourself.

Just when you think,
You have done it all with life,
There are questions that come up
Which you thought were settled way back in time.

Some questions made you realize,
You came a long way,
And some questions made you look back
To realize that not everything that brought you here was right.

Some people you left back,
Some people left you,
Now after so many years,
Very few mattered to you.

Some questions made you realize
Who your good friends were
And some questions just answered
How dumb you were?

But, the moment you start wondering
Why does it matter after so many years
A person so special and close to you
Came and sat beside. That person asked you,
Am I the one you thinking about?
You smiled and stood up saying,

With a small smile on her face,
She seemed disappointed,
And you look in her eyes and say,
It wasn’t you, it was the journey,
that made me yours, I was thinking about.

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