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Sorry, I don’t love you!


Sorry, I don’t love you is a poem that describes a lover’s feelings. It shows how a relationship is weighed on 3 words instead of the small things that matter.

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Connection — Remember When?


Connection — Remember When? is a poem that speaks about the time relished by a lover. It talks about the newness of a relationship, and how time flies.

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Walking on the road He sat down for a whileWith all the pain insideHe was tired of crying. Working harder everydayHe couldn’t see the win,He just kept revolving,Around a stone called nothing. Everything was dark around, Not on the road,…

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The Conversation

Sitting on the window,Enjoying the cup of coffee, The rains come down for accompanying And you find yourself falling. Falling in the hands of nature, Waiting for the answers you never found, Waiting for the peace in that momentand the…

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