Jamjar Diner – The Perfect Hangout Spot

Hello Friends!!
If you are looking for a perfect place to hangout, here is the one we loved.

Jamjar Diner is a little place with a cute entrance and a perfect ambiance. You might find this place a little too small from the outside, but it is spacious and beautiful from the inside.

We went here to check out the food and the ambiance, and we loved the place. The place looks perfect and delightful. If you are planning to hangout with your friends, this is the place.


Jamjar Diner in Versova has a kitchen like ambiance. With racks and showcases to store the cutlery, this restaurant has been given a unique look on the inside. While you walk upstairs, you will see a cupboard placed perfectly slanted. It consists of some plants, books, and empty bottles filling up the space. You are sure to fall in love with the colorful ambiance.

On the top, there is a terrace seating where you can enjoy the airy evening. Everything is perfectly spaced. You will not find any congestion at all.


Greenery and some amazing decor while you walk the stairs up to the first level.

Jukebox & Cabinets

They are supposed to add a beautiful touch to the color scheme of the cafe.

Amazing cutlery

If you love colorful cutlery, visit this place for nice little antiques.


The place serves scrumptious food. Plus, what we liked more about the place is, they have something for everyone. They have vegan food, mind you, it is vegan!! Also, pizzas, keto menu, burgers, sandwiches, are some of the great options you can go for. They serve handcrafted beers, cocktails, tea, coffee, and iced tea and stuff as well. Oops, I forgot to mention breakfast.

We will review some of them, that we tried out.

Mixed Fruit Berries Fruit Iced Tea

We all love berries and iced tea. But when you get both of them together in a jar, you get something really refreshing and a pinch of fruit punch will complete the drink. This is Mixed Berries Fruit Iced Tea.

Paprika Fries

Fries are the go-to starters for a group of friends. It is no different for me. The first thing we notice is fries and the first thing we order is Paprika Fries. Paprika fries were a perfect starter. Presented in a mud pot kinda vessel, it had a white dip that won our heart.

Roast Veggie Goat Cheese Sandwich

Sandwiches are a good choice for snacking. We made an exception and decided to order for lunch. Yes!! Went over the hook. But jokes apart, it was yummy, this goat cheese sandwich was scrumptious. It was nicely presented. With veggies, goat cheese and yummy serving plate, this was a yummy start.

Turkish Hazelnut Ice-cream

This became a favorite. Yummy and tasty, this lip-smacking ice-cream will take you on a ride. The first bite of this ice-cream will push you in all together a a different world.


7A & B, Arram Nagar 2, Behind Washing Bay, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai


Monday to Sunday
9 am to 1 am

Rate card

Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4.3/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5

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