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Walking on the road
He sat down for a while
With all the pain inside
He was tired of crying.

Working harder everyday
He couldn’t see the win,
He just kept revolving,
Around a stone called nothing.

Everything was dark around,
Not on the road, literally.
He couldn’t see a way out,
Of this never-ending loop.

Running towards success
Was not helping him much,
Because all he could see is
A milestone of failure.

Just when he was about to give up
He saw a kid trying to climb the stairs
And to his surprise
the kid stumbled down the stairs.

He waited for the kid to leave,
With a little crying face in his mind,
But the kid didn’t give up
With a small stumbling experience.

What different did the kid knew different, that the guy didn’t knew? Nothing, but the kid knew only one thing that he can do it.

This example is a very common example, to explain the spirit of doing something you fail at. But, that common example always becomes the only one to motivate someone moving in the darkness known as depression.

Guys, if you ever feel that you are moving towards failure with all the efforts you put in to reach success, then you are wrong. Everything that you do, is slowly taking you towards your destination. If you are working hard, and feeling there is a failure at the end, then you are living in the illusion.

The illusion of failure keeps most of the people away from achieving their dreams. Stay away from people who create this illusion.

Illusion is something that does not exist, but you can still see it. Failure is one of the best example. Some people fail and still move faster than you on the ladder of success. Some people will pull you down saying, what if you fall from the top, you will lose everything.

That guy stood up and started thinking why he failed, rather than, he failed and can’t do anything. A smile struck his face and he realized that the little kid who fell down from the cycle some years ago, is still alive deep inside him.

And, that my friend, is the way it should be. You are here for a reason, and till the time you don’t realize the dream, you will keep falling.

So, never give up!
You can achieve what you deserve but for that you have to stand up tall, even if you fall the hardest on the ground.

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