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Gehraiyaan – A Tale of Complex Relationships

The depth of relationships is often taken to be granted, but things may go so bad in a complex relationship that it might lead people to go crazy and do stuff that cannot be undone. If you ever felt shortness of breath and struggled as if you were at the bottom of the sea, this movie is going to be a watch you were searching for.

Gehraiyaan, an Amazon Original, is the movie you must watch for its storyline, acting, casting, and the flawless direction by Shakun Batra. The vibe that the movie sets you in, is just so catchy that you won’t look up until the screen starts rolling the end-credits.

All being said and done, let’s try to understand more about the movie and tell you if you should be including this one for your Sunday night movie date with your partner. Stay tuned!


  1. Deepika Padukone (Alisha)
  2. Siddhant Chaturvedi (Zain)
  3. Ananya Panday (Tia)
  4. Dhairya Karwa (Karan)
Credits: IMDB


We don’t believe in giving out spoilers even when we are discussing the movie review. So, be rest assured that even after reading this, you are not going to end up in a spoiler alert moment.

The story revolves around 4 people, Zain, Alisha, Karan and Tia. Alisha and Karan are engaged, living their lives and trying to make themselves big. Alisha is an Yoga instructor working on an app and Karan is a writer who has left his job to write a novel.

Tia is a rich girl belonging to a business family and Zain is in real-estate trying to make name for himself. Tia and Alisha are cousin sisters and love spending time with each other, since they have been close to each other since childhood.

The movie starts with a huge fight between Alisha’s Mom and Dad and then slowly takes you to a level where you find Alisha’s dad trying to save her Mother. Alisha’s mother commits suicide when she is a child. All this is in pieces throughout the movie in a flashback.

Things go wrong when Alisha and Zain meet each other, speak about their lives and realize that their lives have been full of similar struggles: family trauma, unwanted situations and their tendency to running away from situations that make them uncomfortable.

After this, as the trailer showcases, Zain and Alisha start sleeping with each other, find solace in each other and fall in love over the time.

Karan is that typical guy who seems to be struggling with his own problems and tends to forget about Alisha, her problems and ends up putting her at the back of the line. He is best friends with Tia and believes more in her than Alisha.

Credits: IMDB 2

All this being said, the movie takes off at a perfect note where the character development is visible, story seems to progress in the right direction and than everything seems like getting back to square one. Karan and Alisha break up when she finds out that he hides some very serious rejections from her. They fight bad and she moves out.

This is a very simple and normal part of the movie which is predictable from the trailer and if you have not yet checked out the trailer. Do find it here and you are good to go.

Gehraiyaan Movie Review

If you look at relationships with different perspectives, you are going to enjoy this one. It comes with so many emotions scattered in just 4 actors and they have all done a pretty good job.

The storyline is good, not excellent or mind-blowing, but good and decent. You are not going to dread for the movie to end. In fact, the movie is very engaging as it holds your attention from the moment it starts. If you leave the movie in between and walk-out, you are going to lose the story and it is better to start over again.


The performances delivered by the cast of the movie is applauding. You cannot say one was better than other. Ananya Panday might not be the best actor you have seen, but her lack of acting has made her shine across the movie. She seems confused, innocent, and unaware of the situations that might be going on around. She plays the gullible fiancĂ© so well, that you won’t find anyone else doing it so better.

Siddhanth Chaturvedi shines and hits the homerun. His character has multiple vibes and he has to sport each one of them as breezily as the previous one and he does. He is calm, angry, happy, sad, confused, guilty and every mood he picks, he makes sure that he delivers that minute detail to the audience. It is all an amazing roller-coaster ride to watch him play such role.

Deepika Padukone also does a great job playing that anxious girl who is troubled by her childhood and hates her father, but still takes his responsibility on herself. Her makeup, acting and her whole existence in the movie does justice to the title. She seems a natural in the movie when it comes to acting her part, like a method actor. Out of the many movies she has done over the past years, we feel that Gehraiyaan is one of the highlights of her acting career so far. (Still does not beat her classic, Om Shanti Om!)


Being a Bollywood movie, this one delivers more than expected. Many are criticizing the movie because it showcases infidelity and after a while it also seems like they are encouraging infidelity, but trust us, it is not. The end of the movie makes it all very clear. Although it seems a little disappointing the way it unfolds at the end, it is worth the wait.

The depth of complex relationships, temptations that human mind and body face, and the way human lose control over their body is all portrayed so perfectly in this. The consequences are also very well-portrayed and in a way the movie warns people about the various scenarios you will find yourself in throughout your life if you don’t control that temptation of pleasure for a few days or weeks.

It is all going to go down, it will all feel better at the top and slowly when you drown into the sea, you will feel the pressure, shortness of breath, and the urge to die would grow. If you have experienced all this in a relationship and ever felt like this, you will see how depth can be so much worse than the few weeks of pleasure.

The message is very bold, clear and smartly conveyed through this movie.

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