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Eternally Confused & Eager For Love – Web Series Review

Adulthood can be confusing and sometimes, confused. It is the time where we go through a very different hormone rush that pushes us to do things, we might regret in the future.

It is that roller-coaster ride which sometimes leads to puking and sometimes, makes you feel like you lived an adventure in just a few minutes.

All being said and done, this web series is a roller-coaster ride that is adventurous, nasty, confused and about a guy who is desperate and awkward about a lot of things in life.

Ray, our lead character is a 24-year old, rich lad who is awkward and confused about people and their behavior Trying to get laid, but looks so desperate that things don’t move right for him. At the end, he is one of those guys who talks to a wizard, who talks back to him. This wizard is Jim Sarbh. Like not literally, but the voiceover is given by Jim Sarbh.

Let’s find out if this worth the watch, or just a tale of desperate, confused individual who wins at the end with a quirky, not-so-real twist in the story.


Well, let’s start here. A web series like this one cannot succeed if the cast does not make you feel real at every point in the series. Be it the lead actor or supporting actors, their energy, performances and reactions is all you would worth your time. There are girls who are exuding feminism, guys who are open about sexuality, others who are insisting friends to be themselves.

The lead actor, Vihaan Samat, does an amazing job as Ray. He is confused since episode 1 and the character stays that way as the web series progresses. The character development is very smooth and you could see the changing attitude of Ray with time. From not being able to talk to girls, feeling intimidated to being confident and enjoying sexual encounters, the character grows.

One thing that stands out about Ray is his obsession with the Wizard. The old, wise guy who is talking to him about every situation with Ray in the intent of helping him out instantly. Also, the constant dialogue between that old wizard and the guy seems a little kiddish at the start but the real picture slowly unwraps and you realize that Ray is constantly discussing everything with himself. (Not a disorder! Come On)

Rahul Bose and Suchitra Pillai play Ray’s parents. They make the family perfect. Both play typical, rich, business people who wants their kid to get every thing he desires for. From getting him a good-paying job to arranging dates, these parents are very supportive of their kids. Rahul Bose seems like a typical father who is correcting his kid at every step, scolding him on smallest of the things and patting his back when he does something smart.


The title of the web series is very self-explanatory and the story is just depicting the title, like literally. Everything about Ray is confusing and desperation seems like a part of his body. He is desperate to get some action, find someone who wants to be with him, for him and yet, can’t take that initiative.

He wants someone who understands him and understands that he is like this for a variety of reasons. For one, he is bound to sell himself short. Every time he has a date, he either leaves his date alone at the date venue or fumbles so bad that things can’t come back to normal.

There are so many problems he is going through which might seem a little too much for a rich businessman’s son. Introvert, almost no friends, a job at an IT company and so many more. He is trying to catchup with his dating life, while his friends is through all of it and gives him tips as to how he can get some action. He is very awkward and confused about talking with females around, but his best friend is a girl and he is super comfortable with her. He is like Raj from Big Bang but a little less convincing.

Every episode is a depiction of problems many 24-year lads might be going through for example, first blind date, stag entry issues, and so on.

One peculiar feature of the film was Jim Sarbh’s wizard voiceover. Awesomely added feature there for many people who tend to keep talking in their minds before speaking out the next sentence. The movie goes on where Ray realizes that he has done some mistakes over the time and now he has to change those habits.

Overall, the story of the movie is quite new, fresh and straight out of the confused single’s playbook. Well, no spoilers or finale moments will be discussed for obvious reasons.


Vihaan Samat, Suchitra Pillai, Rahul Bose, Jim Sarbh and everyone else playing the respective characters have lived up to the character. The energy and the vibe that these guys have created is amazing. One special mention should go to Rahul Nair, who managed to put the piece together without missing out on the most important parts of any man’s adulthood.

All in all, the whole web series is an amazing roller-coaster ride that takes you through a confused and eager person’s mind where there is always something happening. If you have such friend or met someone like this, do ask them to watch this web series. If you are looking for something different, this has to be a good catch on Netflix.

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