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Dewdrops Retreat – A resort for family

Summers in the city are going to be hotter and warmer with a lot of chaos and increasing temperature, thanks to the vehicular traffic. You might be swamped with work during the weekdays and for some traveling and working all-week long will also be hectic.

It becomes more difficult when you have a family to take care of and there is very little time with you to spend with them. Taking your family out for the weekend can be a perfect way to make up for the busy week. Plan a perfect weekend for spending time with your family and kids without worrying about any office work and also rejuvenate yourself for the coming week. Start your next week with a bang and enjoy the inner peace with a silent and serene getaway.

Alibag is a popular weekend getaway location for every Mumbaikar. It is known for serene beaches, awesome ferry rides, and if you go by roads, a bumpy ride in real sense. But, in case you want to really enjoy the journey from Mumbai to Alibag, we recommend you to prefer a ferry ride.

Ferry rides not only give you a fun and relaxing ride, but also brings some time for you to enjoy the cold air with a little romantic time with your partners. If you are a family, enjoy a beautiful ride with your kids or may be relive the romantic times of your boyfriend-girlfriend era.

And once you reach Mandwa jetty you have buses to take you to the Alibag bus stand. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the Alibag city and wait for a quick lunch may be, it is up to you. If you reach the resort in time, you can enjoy your lunch in all swing and sweetness.

Coming back to the resort, Dewdrops retreat is not that far from the Alibag stand. You can take an auto from the stand, or walk your way using the GPS. It is all up to you. Walking your way till the resort could also be fun, you know. So, if you are planning a small weekend getaway with friends, wait a minute, think hundred times and then go.

Talking about vacations and getaways, Coronovirus or COVID-19 is making rounds in all cities and vacation places alike. Therefore, we advice you to stay home, stay safe, and remember the review for your visits in the future. Ultimately, your life is the first priority.


This amazing resort has many good things and one of it is perfect staff members who are very kind and welcoming. They have all the modern amenities which takes care of your hygiene very well. Your bathroom is stocked well with toothbrush, soaps, toothpaste, hygienic dustbin bags for throwing away any medical wastes. Rooms are clean, has a bed in between and a intercom facility which helps in ordering anything without any delay. They have air-conditioned rooms and a nice little veranda/balcony, to enjoy a peaceful dinner or breakfast. The place is small yet full of greenery and very beautiful Buddha sculpture near the rooms.

One thing that you wont find here is the swimming pool. For most people visiting a resort, swimming pool is a must. For us, it did not matter so much about the absence of swimming pool. Since, the cleanliness and other comfort amenities were just to the point.


Food is available at A La Carte basis and the quality of food is just at par. You wont regret the food or your choice of food. The quality of food is amazing and the variety you get to taste is also mind-blowing. You will literally feel like you are eating at home. The breakfast options are also good. We loved the bread omelet and french toast along with tea, coffee, or green tea. Oh by the way, do not miss the Sol Kadi with lunch and dinner, it is yummy.

Final Review

All in all, the DewDrop can be a good choice for a family outing or a couples outing. For a group of friends, this place might look little small and also a little incomplete. If you are someone who is looking forward to spend some quality time with your better half, we say you book this place asap. The welcoming ambiance of the place wins your heart the moment you enter the place.

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