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Dark – the Mystery That TIME Unfolds

Although June 27, 2020 safely passed-by without any apocalypse in real world, something happened in the fictional world of Winden. So, what happened on June 27? We’re all excited to know where the series Dark takes us from here.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, let me tell you: Dark is a German series on Netflix.

What’s special about Dark…

It all started in a small town called Winden – a place where your girlfriend is your aunt, your mother is your daughter, your love interest is your daughter-in-law, and yet everything makes perfect sense.

Now, I know all of this sounds pretty crazy to you, surely a thought – “What series is this! How is this even working!” 

Well, the weirdness isn’t really about the people of Winden, but about the time in Winden. The series began with the disappearance of a young kid, then another. As the story unfolds, people at Winden realize that the question is not “how?” but “when?”.

With falling birds, flickering lights, and dead bodies of kids appearing out of nowhere, the series takes a turn from a bunch of speculations, conspiracy theories, and blame-game to a whole new theory. 

Everyone, including kids and teens, are onto the mission of finding what is going on exactly in their town. From hiding secrets to crossing paths in the past, the series involves a back and forth in time. People of Winden find themselves in a chain of events believed to be history repeating itself after a certain number of years. 

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Season 2 ended with an apocalypse and a bang-on quote by one of the characters, leaving behind another world theory speculation:

The question isn’t what time; the question is what world.

– Martha, Dark Season 2

When the season 3 trailer came out, this speculation sort of gave us a confirmation on what the final season has in store for us. 

Perfect for…

Now, I know you may have a few questions boggling your mind. It leaves you with many thoughts regarding how the universe was created, an age-old debate of God’s existence, time-travel theory, and whether time machines are the only medium. To get answers to all your “whats, hows, whys, whens, & wheres,” you will have to give Dark a try. 😛

This series is perfect for all those freaks and nerds who breathe, live, and sleep thinking about “time” theories. Although a bit complicated for not-so nerdies, you will enjoy and get the hang of it (unless you’re one of those who could barely crack the reasoning question of seating arrangement).

If you are a time-freak and still haven’t watched the first two seasons yet, let me ask you: What on earth were you waiting for? Are you even a true ‘time-travel, dark matter & space’ enthusiast? Go watch it – it’s just 8-10 episodes per season; the final season is out today!

Having said that, it’s a great weekend or a long-weekend watch. Plus, you don’t have to burn your brains out in suspense because you can watch it in a stretch, unraveling the mystery.

To sum it up, here’s my rating for the series:


Rating: 5 out of 5.


It isn’t for the actors’ cuteness, but for how every characterization has been done.

Concept & storyline

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Well, being an enthusiast who follows time and space theory a bit more than normals and a little less than freaks, I feel there are a few loopholes in the presented theories (ofc! It’s fiction so can’t expect much, but honestly, a good job by the team).

Episodes & duration

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Honestly, not satisfied with how fast the series ends. I think they could have portrayed a certain angle in a much detailed way, making the series a little longer. Hope to see that in s3.

Do let us know in the comments about your thoughts on the web series review of Dark. Do you think Jonas & Martha will put an end to this sinister cycle or will it be the same all over again?

We would love to know your views in the comment section. 🙂

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