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Connection — Remember When?

Remember how we connected through the late-night talks?
We shared our dreams, random thoughts, and stories of lonely walks.
The way we connected through those cute little texts that made us smile.
Those reasons we found just to meet through a file.
Remember how we connected through the ice cream that fell from its stick?
And the stupid random pictures of me that you clicked.
Every day we connected through the small breakfast and snack date.
Remember how I always left half of it and you ate from my plate?
The snack corner mornings where the mayo filled toast you ate.
How the drop of the mayo just fell on your beard making patterns like chalk on a clean slate.
Remember how we connected on the days when I made it to work on time?
Just so after work, we could sneak out together like we were committing some crime.
We connected on the days when u waited back for me.
Those lovely evening bike rides I would never forget that I had with thee.
You accompanied me till station, held my hand as we walked.
While on the random topics and work that we talked.
Remember the very first day, when we met and hugged?
It’s like the universe was working on my life’s code for the errors it searched and debugged.
Nothing planned, thinking to be an hour, we went on talking as we lost time.
I remember how while walking you held your hand in mine.
We connected through the moment how while crossing the street, a bike almost hit me.
I remember how u saved me while pulling me back in a jiffy.
How can I forget the day when we connected through our drunken nights.
We spoke to a dog sitting by the pool under the arch lights.
Remember after my first drink, “I want to sleep” is what I strived.
But you made sure I don’t and twirled me around on a song just to keep me alive.
We connected that night through my tears.
While I cried sharing with you all my fears.
Remember how you got all emo and surprised me.
By singing along the old song that played as you went down on one knee.
Remember how we spent our dinners and after-work nights.
Sitting together, talking to a cat under the tree, moon, and the streetlights.
Ohh! And how can I forget those small chai breaks?
We discussed vampire diaries, favorite characters, putting the spoilers at stake.
Do you remember our first trip together? A walk by the beach and our follow-me-to picture.
Leaving from there, my heart was full of happy-sad feelings mixture.
I remember every moment we connected through; from our very firsts to our moments till now.
I don’t know where did the time go, I’m still amazed at the way it happened, like “How!”.

Stay connected for more stories and poems. Hope you liked this one. Let us know your thought on this one in the comment below. 🙂

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