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Chakravyuh — A Chakravyuh that Kills-the-Thrill

Suspense thrillers have taken us places and we have seen some amazing crime suspense thrillers in the past. MX Originals recently launched its new crime thriller series Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller. It is a web series and a different crime thriller that ropes in cybercrime and cryptocurrency together. It features Pratik Babbar as Inspector Virkar and you might not expect to see him in the role. Well, let us take you through the cast and open up the review box based on our understanding of this crime thriller.


As the title suggests, this web series is about Inspector Virkar and his investigation style. Like most crime series, Inspector Virkar is also a hot-headed officer who shoots before thinking. However, he is the best at what he does and hence his officials also bear with his attitude.

There are a few mysterious and gruesome murders happening across the financial capital of India. Inspector Virkar takes charge of this case. The plot revolves around Inspector Virkar’s ability to solve this case. That is all about the plot put down in simple words.


Pratik Babbar plays the role of Inspector Virkar. You can clearly see him flaunting those big muscles and six-packs which are perfect for the part. However, he takes a big hit when he starts acting the part. In the whole movie, Pratik Babbar is seen stretching his chest out for no reason. He has the same expression throughout the movie and he fails to deliver the emotion of an intense cop. He probably feels stiffness equals acting tough.

Its not like it all intense there are a few light moments where his ethical hacker partner IP tries to flirt with him, but it all goes unnoticed due to stiff act.

Our Analysis

Chakravyuh has a good story and premise to build the web series, but it was all wasted. The idea of cybercrime and someone to solve it is great, but somehow the whole focus seems on Inspector Virkar. Considering a cybercrime, I personally would have loved to see an ethical hacker doing extra-ordinary stuff to catch the criminal. When cryptocurrency and dark web come together, we can safely say that crime branch needs a special officer who understand all of this.

There were a few fundamental misses in the web series too. The suspense is very weak and you might be able to guess it well in advance. The only thing that stands out in everything is the shoddily-executed storyline. Performances take a huge hit and most actors fail to deliver. Ashish Vidyarthi is the only actor who could have played his part well, but he is not utilized well in the web series.

We have a forensic expert eating pizza while investigating who adds a little fun element to the “intense” web series. The story and execution fail to grip and engage you leading you to fast-forward the series. Don’t hesitate, you will not miss anything worth watching.

The whole hacking and crypto wallet scenes could have been executed in a much better way, but again, nothing extraordinary there. Erotic scenes seem forced somehow and the romantic relationship does not fit the characters. They seemed transactional throughout the web series.

Overall, Charavyuh is a decent web series in the genre but the thrill is missing throughout all the 8 episodes. It misses out on everything a crime thriller is expected to deliver from thrill, engaging roleplay, extraordinary twists and other things you might think of.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

If you are planning to skip it, please do, there is nothing to miss about this web series. If you want to watch something related to cybercrime, do watch it but expect some disappointment. It could have been easily converted into an hour and a half movie, but the web series seems too long a format as per storyline.

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